From Previous Mama Africa Projects

These pages will expand as we receive material from more ‘explorers’. Let us know if you have anything to share that might inspire others…

Nelson Mandela

One research team created a rap and music video looking at Nelson Mandela’s life.

What is your gift?

Many African proverbs speak of us all as having a gift. What is your gift? How could you use this to bring about peace?

Dark cave

This is my gift that tells a story

This is my gift that gives me glory

This is my gift that smiles through a dark cave

That acts like a torch lighting the way.

Sport - dramatic silhouettes of 2 people running

This is my gift that brings teams together. This is my gift that entertains the world.

This is my gift that helps people become healthy. This is my gift that is very inclusive.

This is my gift that brings people together. This is my gift that inspires people.

This is my gift that brings peace all over the world.

This is my gift.

My gift is sport.

Peaceful coastal sunset

This is my gift that gives me peace.

This is my gift, a smile from me to you.

Love is like the sweet sound of sea shells.

No one can put you down: you’re special in your own way.

Furthermore, follow your dreams and they will come true.

Open book

This is my gift that tells a story.

This is my gift that gives me glory.

This is my gift that made me a kid teacher.

This is my gift that COULD make me a preacher.

This is my gift: reading quran.

M.A.M.A.   A.F.R.I.C.A.



Making Africa blossom in popularity.


Achieving excellence.

Forever remembered

Respectful to Everyone.


Concealing Power within Pride.

An array of talented people.

Man with hand over face

Why oh Why is there poverty

The hunger, sadness and misery

For if I had power, oh just for one day

I could banish the faults of the world clean away.

But as I sit on the floor of hot silver sand

And let cold morning dew trickle through my hand

I think of all rights that the world does bring

Like the rhythm of the drums or the birds when they sing

Like the flowers of fruit or calm morning mist

So many things, this has turned to a list

Yet still people suffer, yet still people die

And if we can’t save the world, at least we should try.

Leaders are in charge, heading the country.

Evermore, No more Havoc, No more Strife.

Ascending each mountain with a sense of responsibility.

Darkness will be turned light.

Evermore, No more Trouble, No more Mishaps.

Radically changing unholy things we do.

Sometimes leaders are pivotal to the world.

At peak time every moment,

Not the ones to give up.

Dark slums hide works of Nature.

Evermore, No more Skirmish, No more War.

Unjust to come to a sudden halt.

Philosophical in their choices

Happily compassionate.

Objective: Stop all Disagreements.

Rotating around Justice…

…Impenetrable, like the grass of the Savannah.

At bleak times leaders become providers

Able to get across roads askew

Ready to face any challenge

Evermore, No more Famine, No more Sadness.

Objective: Stop all War.

Never to give in at bad times.

Evermore, No more War Mongers, no more Conflict.

Objective: Start Peace.

Basking in joyous sun

Even if it is clouded.

Juncturing for Peace,

Evermore, no more Disobedience, no more Bad.

Collective in their votes

The African leaders are always there.

Evermore World-Wide Peace.

African leaders will clean up the world.