The Mama Africa Team


Norman Stephenson, also known as Rubba, is the Mama Africa project leader.

Rubba first conceived Mama Africa as an extension of his longterm work in schools teaching traditional African dances. Rubba teaches regular African Dance classes at the DMAC UK Dance Studios and is involved in setting up various education projects. Rubba runs Afidance and is a director at DMAC UK.


A highly skilled player of African and Afro-Cuban percussion and drums, with a background in dance and performance. Kirby runs a host of children’s and adults drum classes and is a Director at the DMAC UK Dance Studios.


Kenzi is a prolific and talented dancer in African and contemporary styles who teaches dance for Mama Africa. She also teaches her Afrofusion class with Penny at the DMAC UK Dance Studios.


A contemporary and traditional African dancer, teacher and performer. Penny is currently running her Afrofusion class with Kenzi at DMAC UK Dance Studios.


An accomplished Master Drummer, Blaggy is a director of Ace Percussion with over 35 years experience teaching, performing and setting up drumming projects.


Film maker, youth worker and capoeira teacher. Bob documents the Mama Africa projects and has helped the schools make a music video as one of their research projects. Bob is a Director at DMAC UK and he teaches regular Capoeira classes for adults and kids.


A hugely talented singer-songwriter, who recently performed on the televised live shows of The Voice UK, as part of Tom Jones’ team. In her current band Celestine fuses soul music with African beats, as well as being an outstanding African dancer.


A founder member of Ekome Arts and a very knowledgeable and skilled drummer, playing Latin and African music for over 37 years.


Complete Ivorian master drummer who trained with Rose Marie Guirau at Ecole De Dance School in Ivory Coast. Bido has established his own company Zavoalo, which tours internationally.

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