Team writings and research

The Mama Africa Team were also asked to submit some writing and research…

African percussion instruments


The sound of the drum offers us consolation, reminds us of our original belonging and brings us back into rhythm with our own secret signature.

When the drum found me, it brought with it a different luminosity, away from the neon existence of the modern world, it brought candle light, sage and nothing plastic. It triggered a fascination of the complex scientific musical systems and the magic of maths. This amazing musicality, structure and form that was being preserved on the planet, travelling rhythms from ancient times, beats that had a story and a significance and the ability to heal.

As I chinked into line with my far back people, a deep spiritual hunger that had been restless in me for a long, long time began to be satiated. My body got earthed and as my soul awakened, my destiny came towards me, I fell into rhythm with it, and I discovered my purpose…

Kirby 2014



For me it is simple and logical mathematics. Human beings have all the components of Mother Earth in their bodies. We have Electricity, Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

This makes it obvious that we are linked in with this planet. But what is the medium that connects us?

It’s vibration which is transmitted through all the sounds of nature.

The sound or Vibration of the drum or any similar instrument is one of the most important links as it resonates with the same frequency that Mother Earth emits when spinning (Anti-Clockwise).

There is lots of information on anti-clockwise dance that explains why it is no accident that most traditional dances around the world that link us to nature are done in an anticlockwise celebration.

Why is this important for us?

When the body is constantly exposed to this positive vibration and you are aware of this, all of life’s distractions can be accepted and honoured, however good or bad. When celebrating in this way you can transcend to different realms within yourself and beyond, depending on the type of ceremony or celebration.

These sound Vibrations are crucial to Human Kind for there lies in it a more powerful form of existence beyond anything on Earth. So it is important for humankind to have this experience in order to inherit the force of the universe after the short earth years have been fulfilled. Mother Earth is one of the flowers in this universe, Do You Get It?

One Love Rubba