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What books, poems, books or other forms of creative expression have come from Africa that have worldwide recognition? Who wrote or designed them?

This page gives some examples of arts and artists from Africa, but feel free to do some further research of your own. You may want to use Wikipedia or just a straightforward Google search, or perhaps a visit to your local library would be more informative. You may find that there are African Artists in your local area. Could they visit the school?

Pupils could work together in groups or on their own projects. Again, you should be the judge of this, based on how much time you have for the subject.

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Chinua Achebe

One of Africa’s most famous authors.

Butterfly by Chinua Achebe:

Speed is violence. Power is violence.

The butterfly seeks safety in lightness, in weightless undulating flight.

But at a crossroads where mottled light from trees falls on a brash new highway our convergent territories meet.

I come power-packed enough for two and the gentle butterfly offers itself in bright yellow sacrifice upon my hard silicon shield.

Wycliffe Ndwiga

Wycliffe Ndwiga is 25 years old and comes from the Kikuyu tribe of Kenya. At an early age he had an intense interest in art. As you can see he really likes painting animals!

His brother, Daniel Njoroge, is the best known painter in Kenya at the moment.

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