The Moors

Click for Teacher ResourcesWho were the Moors and what significant role did they play in European history?


Pictorial historical timeline


With your teacher’s help try and find out who the Moors were. Using a world map, find out which geographical regions they inhabited. Create a Timeline to show what era of history they occupied. You can also add some other events or civilisations from that time.

Numbers on a display screen


The number system that most of the world uses is called the Arabic system. Why is it called this and how does that relate to the Moors? Compare the Arabic system to Roman numerals. Why would people change their number system? What other ‘Arabic’ terms come from this time? Ask your teacher for help with your research and write a short report.

Moorish architecture - arch and tower


The Moors are famous for their architecture. What does this word mean? Can you find some examples of Moorish Architecture? You could build a model or draw or paint an example of Moorish Architecture. Where in the world do you find examples of Moorish Architecture? Use a world map and ask your teacher for help if you need it. Perhaps you could print images of Moorish castles or other buildings and arrange them on a map to show their location, or use a design program to do this on a computer.

Moorish man studying


What do we mean by this word? What factors would define a civilization? Research the Moors and write a short report about the industries and arts, ideas and natural resources that the Moorish Empire demonstrated. You may want to compare this on a timeline with other parts of the world. You could illustrate your report with drawings or images you find online.

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